Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Stew

I made Pumpkin Stew for dinner (a few days before Halloween, because I wanted to share it with all of my readers so that you would have a chance to make it for Halloween this year)! I hope you give it a try, its a great no fuss recipe that will cook while you are out trick-or-treating!

This is a little story from my Aunt Dee Dee she is the one who shared this recipe with me.
"Just a little history behind this Pumpkin Stew. I first made it in approx 1987, times were hard back then, and I wanted to try something different. I didn't have the money to go out and buy much, but I did have alot of leftovers in the refrigerator. I had heard that you can cut up pumpkins and make a type of squash, but I wanted to try cooking it in the oven, so I took all the leftovers out of the refrigerator, I had rice, corn, hamburger, beans, spaghetti sauce, macaroni etc. I just threw it all in the cleaned out pumpkin, then took the kids out trick or treating while it was "heating" up in the oven. When we came back about 3 hours later, the house smelled sooooooo good, we were cold and wet from the rain, and the miss match concoction in the pumpkin just worked so well and warmed our tummies. And it makes a great centerpiece to serve out of. Enjoy"

I originally added this recipe in my first scrapbook/cookbook and just recently on facebook all of my family started talking about it and sharing the recipe once again, so I thought it would be a great idea to share it with all of you too!

Below is my Aunt Dee Dee's recipe: (along with two BONUS recipes from my scrapbook/cookbook)


  1. Just make sure all the ingredients (whatever they are?) are precooked. You are basically using the pumpkin as the casserole dish and just heating up the items you put in it. ENJOY!!

  2. I love recipes with a story. And what a cool presentation!

  3. This is such a great idea!

    I would love for you to link this to my Halloween Traditions Link Up!


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