Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cream Cheese-Spinach Salad

A quick, easy and very refreshing salad for those hot summer days! I had forgotten about this salad until last week when I was reading my Volume 2 cookbook trying to figure out what recipes I had NOT posted here on my blog yet. And this was one of them, I went straight home for lunch whipped up this salad in a few minutes, and at the first bite I remembered how scrumptious it was.

Cream Cheese-Spinach Salad
from Tina Hudgens

Spinach Lettuce
Pecan Pieces, crushed
cut up chunks of Cream Cheese
Fresh Turkey Bacon Pieces (or whatever kind of meat, used shredded chicken this time)

Mix together with your favorite dressing. I use Ranch and Vinaigrette mixed, I LOVE IT! But today I used Raspberry Vinaigrette and Poppyseed. (I never use just one dressing, I don't know why)!

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